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Bedrooom Colour Schemes

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Bedroom colour schemes provide a great opportunity for you to achieve your own bedroom decorating ideas. You do not have to follow the plan in the rest of the home which you may share with others in your family. You should not have to compromise with your bedroom colour schemes. So lets see, are you stuck with anything that you cannot change or can you have a fresh start. If you can have a completely fresh start in your bedroom then you can have huge choices for colour schemes and materials and overall look - contemporary or classic. Paint or wall paper, carpet or wood flooring, curtains and bedding. These are all areas where colour changes can have a big effect.

It may be a good idea to play a little safe with the big areas and the expensive items. For example walls are large areas and whilst a dramatic colour might seem like a good idea today you might get tired of it. Carpets and wood floors are expensive and curtains can be too so keeping these a more neutral and easy to live with shade could be best. ( A tip - if you choose plain colour 100% cotton or linen fabrics for your curtains you should be able to have them dyed if they fade in time or you just fancy a new shade.) Buy the best you can to enjoy a quality feel in the room you wake up in. You can liven up you bedroom colour schemes with the details and accents and of course a gorgeous bedspread can add a luxurious feel to your bedroom as well as providing a large splash of colour. If your walls are a plain shade you may be able to use some great pictures or posters to add some more colour accents and detail to your scheme. The internet is a good source of bedroom decorating ideas and looking at the websites of paint manufacturers and major furnishing retailers will all yield some pictures of bedroom colour schemes that may provide just the inspiration you seek. Here are some examples.


Try using Pinterest to find lots of colour ideas eg https://uk.pinterest.com/johnr0652/colour/


If you are not looking to start from scratch then a beautiful bedspread in luxury cotton can add a great splash of colour and provide you with a comfort and quality you can enjoy for many years. You may also be able to have some of your existing fabrics dyed to a new shade. Loose covers on a chair or sofa for example. Loose cover dyeing

Bedroom colour schemes - Lets look at basic colour psychology.

Reds - Exciting, masculine, arousing, passion, associated with warmth.
Pinks - feminine, soft.
Orange - Very iffy - for most people.

Yellow - sunny and cheerful. Though sharp citrus yellows can be irritating.  

Pale yellow - cool, neutral.  

Pale blues - associated with calming, space.  

Greens - calming, associated with nature, relaxing.  

Earth tones - intimate, soft browns and tans suggest confidence and reliability.
Purples - magic, fertility, can be overpowering.

Black - of course dramatic and a bold statement, not sure many people would use it in their bedroom colour schemes.

Hope this has been some help with your plans for a new bedroom colour scheme and given you some bedroom decorating ideas. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.